Lose Stomach Fat With HCG Drops

When people become obese, fat gets deposited in various parts of the body. Stomach is one such part where abnormal fats largely localize. People with flabby stomach feel it very uncomfortable. They cannot do any heavy work and become tired too quickly. Moreover, they feel embarrassed when clothes do not fit properly. HCG diet is the proper solution to decompose the localized fats in the stomach. One can help reduce the number of inches from the stomach with the help of HCG drops.

Does HCG Diet Protocol For Weight Loss Really work?

* Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG has a proven track record of 1 pound weight loss per day. With VLCD, it works like a miracle. People have shown huge response in the diet course.

* As soon as the HCG hormone goes inside the body, it turns into a situation where additional energy production becomes necessary. However, the Simeons’ protocol restricts the calorie intake to 500 calorie diet with  correct dosage. So, there is no other option except decomposing the abnormal fats in the body. Thus weight loss happens without making the dieter energy deficient.

* With HCG diet,  people have recorded more than 20 pound weight loss within a few weeks. It resets the hunger mechanism so that the dieter may not form the tendency to consume higher calories in the future. Thus, fitness can be maintained throughout the life.

The homeopathic HCG drops are the most preferred form of diet. The HCG drops are developed keeping mind the requirement of every section of people. Whether a sportsman, college student, or a working woman, everyone above the age of 16, can take it. This is very popular for its hassle-free use. One can purchase HCG oral drops online as well as over the counter such as medical stores, HCG clinics and supermarket without any medical prescription as these homeopathic HCG drops do not have any side effects.

Dieter needs to maintain HCG meal plan in order to achieve desired results during the diet period. They need to maintain 500 calorie diet with correct HCG dosage in order avail remarkable results. Cheating is not allowed during the HCG diet period otherwise all the efforts go in vain and dieter need to start taking the oral drops  again after taking a break of 1-2 weeks. It is always advisable to follow the Simeons protocol in order to lose stomach fat quickly without any side effects.